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polscy antropolodzy
contemporary philosophy
polish anthropologists
social sciences methodology
contributors: 0
views: 292
W niniejszej pracy przedstawiono model akwizycji leksyki z korpusów językowych, który wspomaga identyfikację nacechowania ideologicznego w dyskursie politycznym. Model ten jest oparty na automatycznej ekstrakcji i hierarchicznym grupowaniu terminologii. Taka implementacja modelu odpowiada dokonanemu przez Sinclaira rozróżnieniu między frazeologicznymi a terminologicznymi relacjami leksykalnymi. Jak wykazuję w toku pracy, nacechowanie ideologiczne udaje się wykryć zarówno w...
internet search engines
wyszukiwarki internetowe
contributors: 0
views: 465
języki pidżynowe
military police
contributors: 4
views: 232
contributors: 0
views: 171
audiovisual connectors
arguments for the existence of god
contributors: 0
views: 220
plant physiology
zarządzanie technologiami informatycznymi
contributors: 5
views: 359
Carotenoid metabolism is relevant to the prevention of various diseases. Although the main actors in this metabolic pathway are known, our understanding of the pathway is still incomplete. The information on the carotenoids is scattered in the large and growing body of scientific literature. We designed a text-mining work flow to enrich existing pathways. It has been validated on the vitamin A pathway, which is a well-studied part of the carotenoid metabolism. In this stud...
information technology management
technical communication
zarządzanie technologiami informatycznymi
antologie literackie
contributors: 2
views: 335
PaperMaker is a novel IT solution that receives a scientific manuscript via a Web interface, automatically analyses the publication, evaluates consistency parameters and interactively delivers feedback to the author. It analyses the proper use of acronyms and their definitions, and the use of specialized terminology. It provides Gene Ontology (GO) and Medline Subject Headings (MeSH) categorization of text passages, the retrieval of relevant publications from public scienti...
information science
bibliographic databases
online databases
systemy baz danych
contributors: 2
views: 328
Search engines running on MEDLINE abstracts have been widely used by biologists to find publications that are related to their research. The existing search engines such as PubMed, however, have limitations when applied for the task of seeking textual evidence of relations between given concepts. The limitations are mainly due to the problem that the search engines do not effectively deal with multi-term queries which may imply semantic relations between the terms. To addr...
zarządzanie technologiami informatycznymi
electrical circuits
information science
contributors: 5
views: 345
The annotation of biomedical texts using controlled vocabularies such as MeSH can be automated to improve text-only IR. Furthermore, the automatic MeSH annotation system we propose is highly scalable and it generates improvements in IR comparable with those observed for manual annotations. Controlled vocabularies such as the Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) thesaurus and the Gene Ontology (GO) provide an efficient way of accessing and organizing biomedical information by r...
medical research institutes
contributors: 14
views: 303
Due to the rapidly expanding body of biomedical literature, biologists require increasingly sophisticated and efficient systems to help them to search for relevant information. Such systems should account for the multiple written variants used to represent biomedical concepts, and allow the user to search for specific pieces of knowledge (or events) involving these concepts, e.g., protein-protein interactions. Such functionality requires access to detailed information abou...
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