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flora of the united states
contributors: 1
views: 368
animal diseases
sodium compounds
związki sodu
choroby zwierząt
contributors: 3
views: 185
Using CM-Sepharose column chromatography it was shown that Fusarium avenaceum produced two forms of endo-polygalacturonase, one exo-polygalacturonase and two forms of endo-xylanase in infected lupin roots. A glycoprotein obtained from lupin seedlings inhibited endo-polygalacturonases, exo-polygalacturonases and xylanases but more the first ones. Two forms of endo-polygalacturonase did not differ in their sensitivity to the glycoprotein.
membrane biology
plant physiology
plant reproduction
biologia molekularna
contributors: 3
views: 456
The effects of soil or in vitro grown plants, pretreatment conditions, donor tissue and isolation procedure on protoplast yield from cotyledons and leaves of tomato cv. 'Perkoz' and 'Zorza' were studied. The highest protoplast yield of 1.5 x l0(7) /g FW was obtained from leaves of in vitro grown plants. Low light intensity during donor plants in vitro culture and dark pretreatment were essential for successful protoplast isolation while cold pretreatment was not. Tissue pr...
edible nuts and seeds
contributors: 2
views: 336
The reactions of strawberry plants to infection with B. cinerea and treatment with salicylic acid has been studied. Infection of leaves with B. cinerea resulted in early increases in active oxygen species generation, superoxide dismutase and peroxidase activities and phenolic compounds content. Some increases of the above reactions were noticed in plants treated with salicylic acid but not in the plants treated with S A and then later infected with B. cinerea.
contributors: 3
views: 221
molecular biology
rozmnażanie roślin
contributors: 1
views: 373
chemical reactions
contributors: 2
views: 287
grzybowe choroby roślin
edible nuts and seeds
ormiańscy malarze
contributors: 2
views: 408
Defence reactions: 02- generation, superoxide dismutase, catalase, guaiacol peroxidase and ascorbate peroxidase activities after B. cinerea infection in tomato plants propagated in vitro and grown in vivo have been compared. Infection resulted in rapid 02- generation. Superoxide dismutase activity increase was slower than 02- response. In plants propagated in vitro catalase and guaiacol peroxidase activities after infection were induced less strongly than in plants grown i...
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