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broń miotająca
ancient weapons
contributors: 6
views: 37
Well-controlled method of Si nanopattern definition - pattern definition by edge oxidation have been presented. The technique is suitable for fabrication of narrow paths of width ranged from several tens of nm to several μm by means of photolithography equipment working with μm-scale design rules. Process details influencing a shape of the Si pattern have been discussed. SEM examinations have been presented.
particle detectors
contributors: 5
views: 238
A novel solution of an active pixel detector, which exploits wafer-bonded Silicon on Insulator (SOI) substrates for integration of the readout electronics with the pixel detector, is presented. The main concepts of the proposed monolithic sensor and the preliminary tests results with ionising radiation sources are addressed.SOI is an alternative solution of a monolithic active pixel detector, which allows integrating fully depleted sensor and front-end electronics active l...
contributors: 11
views: 232
The paper presents the concept and the verification of a novel silicon monolithic active pixel detector realized in the SOI technology. The reliability and the basic electrical characteristics of the sensor are studied and the sensor sensitivity to the ionising radiation is investigated in details.
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