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psychologia społeczna
social psychology
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Participation in the integration grouping is an important asset to the economy in terms of its attractiveness to foreign investors. Elimination of trade barriers within the common market, macroeconomic stabilization, lower political risk, legal stability and transparency (including the harmonization of rules) and institutional development become an important incentive for foreign direct investment, especially when the economy also may offer lower production costs than ...
news magazines
economic disasters
gospodarka indii
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Recent economic slowdown had a major influence on foreign direct investors activity in Poland, therefore the aim of this article is to assess the impact of recent economic crisis on changes in the structure of FDI in Poland. The inflow of FDI has decreased and its structure has changed since 2008. But it was not due to the major deterioration of investment climate in Poland, but mostly due to the conservative policy of multinationals. Not only did they limit new inter...
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Foreign direct investments (FDI) are an important source of not only financial capital but also technology, knowledge and skills. They are also one of the key factors of structural changes in the Polish economy. Joining European Union has meant participation in the single market and significant facilitation in the flow of foreign capital. This article aims to assess the importance of foreign direct investment from the Eurozone countries on the backgrou...
border rivers
valdosta, georgia
operacje (wojsko)
soviet films
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