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financial regulatory authorities
rynki finansowe
instytucje finansowe
organy administracji publicznej
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views: 164
European financial market is a part of the EU single internal market. Significant acceleration of integration processes on this market took place in 1999 together with the creation of the Financial Services Action Plan. However, deepening market integration was not accompanied by the construction of single supervisory structures. The European financial market supervision remained at the national level. The main reason for the adoption of such a solution was political –...
financial regulation
historia kolei
handel międzynarodowy
międzynarodowe stosunki gospodarcze
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The aim of the paper is to analyze the directions of capital flows in the global economy including major lenders and borrowers, and the answer to the question whether the ongoing global economic crisis affected their structure. During the period 2003–2011 the so–called Lucas paradox could be observed. This paradox is understood as the incompatibility between the directions of capital flows in the global economy and the assumptions of the neoclassical model. Group of l...
history of great britain
economy of the european union
monetary reform
customer loyalty programs
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Great Britain is one of the two EU 15 countries which refused to join the Economic- Monetary Union. Despite the passage of time, Great Britain’s stand on this matter has not changed, although the last worldwide economic crisis and its consequences intensified discussion whether from Great Britain’s point of view it is worth considering possibilities of joining the euro zone. The aim of the paper is to present determinants of functioning of Great Brita...
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