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polityka gospodarcza
wzrost gospodarczy
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views: 307
The paper presents theoretical aspects of the relationship between financial market development and economic growth, and its effect in the Euro-12 area in the years 1991–2008. The first part of the paper also outlines results of selected empirical research of the influence of financial market development on economic growth. A multi-equation econometric model estimated by means of a classical method of least squares was usedand cointegration tests were also carried out...
financial markets
economy of the european union
finanse przedsiębiorstw
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views: 240
The aim of this paper is to outline results of investigations into the degree of the Hungarian and Slovak equity market integration with the euro area stock market. In our investigations we used monthly data from the 1999:01–2011:12 period concerning the yield performance of the following indices: BUX, SAX, DJ EUROSTOXX, DOW JONES COMPOSITE AVERAGE. The model of the “growing impact of the common information component on stock market growth rates” estimated by means of ...
projekty organizacji międzynarodowych
central banks
economic history
monetary policy
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Global recession of 2007–2009 has had a significant impact on the Eurozone functioning and has aroused much controversy over the monetary union membership of the new countries (including Poland) as well as the legitimacy of the monetary union formation by countries of different development levels and different degrees of fiscal discipline. Should Poland pursue full membership in the Economic and Monetary Union? If the answer is yes, then...
modele wzrostu
polityka gospodarcza
economic policy
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Wpływ rozwoju rynków finansowych na wzrost gospodarczy jest jednym z kontrowersyjnych problemów w teorii ekonomii. Wyniki badań R. Levine’a i innych ekonomistów zajmujących się tym zagadnieniem wydają się potwierdzać statystycznie istotny związek między rozwojem rynków finansowych a wzrostem gospodarczym. Celem referatu jest odpowiedź na pytanie czy występuje statystycznie istotny związek między rozwojem rynków finansowych a wzrostem gospodarczym w przypadku Pols...
economic disasters
kryzysy gospodarcze
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views: 298
Business cycle, economic expansion and recession are natural phenomena in market economy, such natural as inflow and outflow of the sea, or the phases of the moon. Recession is natural mechanism of clearance of the economy from the inefficient economic units and the mechanism of economic equilibrium restoring after turbulence connected with economic growth. Global recession begun in the 2008. But still in the end of November and beginn...
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