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instytucje finansowe
financial markets
financial regulation
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The supervision structures over financial sector actors based on sector and national approach were “modern” at the time of creating a homogenous European Union market. Transformations at financial market have forced new solutions on the EU regulatory bodies and took the form of consolidated supervision – the directive on complementary supervision and lead supervision (CRD Directive) considering its above national and partly a cross-sector nature, however, only with refere...
financial regulation
niemieckie filmy
german films
policy debate
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Der Beitrag beleuchtet die Unterschiede zwischen dem Terminus "Aufsichtsrechte“ und "Interventionsrechte“ der Aufsicht hinsichtlich der Versicherungsanstalten. Die Interventionsrechte wurden der deutlichsten Aktivität der Aufsicht – der Beurteilung der Zahlungsfähigkeit der Versicherungsanstalten - gegenübergestellt. Das Ziel der Interventionsrechte sowohl bei Solvency I als auch bei Solvency II ist ähnlich: Es bezweckt den Schutz des Versicherungsmarktes und der...
prawo ubezpieczeń gospodarczych
insurance companies of the united states
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The principles of Solvency II facilitate the application of internal models in order to define the actual demand for guarantee capital by insurance institutions. The article presents the concept of their application and the theoretical (academic) classification of these models which may be used by insurance institutions for both their own needs as well as the needs of supervisory authorities. The characterized classification criteria cover as follows: the entity developing...
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