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promotion and marketing communications
sales promotion
contributors: 1
views: 170
procesy stochastyczne
stochastic processes
contributors: 2
views: 181
contributors: 1
views: 158
rynki finansowe
financial markets
contributors: 1
views: 304
The efficiency of the market for stock index futures and profitability of arbitrage for contracts on the Warsaw Stock Exchange Index WIG20 is studied in this paper. The Polish market has unique attributes: in a relatively short time the risk-free interest rate has decreased significantly, short sale cannot be used to construct an arbitrage position by institutional investors, and the dividends are small and paid in an irregular manner. Examining intraday transaction data s...
procesy stochastyczne
stochastic processes
contributors: 3
views: 163
sampling (statistics)
sampling techniques
dobór próby statystycznej
contributors: 1
views: 113
stochastic differential equations
numerical differential equations
mathematical terminology
procesy stochastyczne
contributors: 0
views: 146
contributors: 0
views: 214
russian physicists
rosyjscy matematycy
probability theorists
soviet mathematicians
contributors: 1
views: 123
duality theories
incidence geometry
procesy stochastyczne
lagrangian mechanics
contributors: 1
views: 151
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