Transparency of web portals of rural gminas in Łódź metropolitan area

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In the present world information and knowledge are important elements of the local course of every stage of the civil service. Information delivered to local community contributes to achieving a high local identity level. Development of information function in gminas is being extorted by permanent progress in the scope of the information and communication technologies (ICT). In local society, the most important way of holding information should be Internet. It is important because more and more households in rural area have opportunities to the access to the Internet. Local society can use websites erected by local governments to disseminate information about functioning and action picked up in administrative districts to local actors. Transparent websites are becoming a source of information as well as they let achieve the competitive edge above other gminas. An attempt of assessment of providing information by authorities and usefulness of this information from a socio-economic development point of view is the purpose of the paper. Building transparent and available websites for local society is the important task for local governments, because well-informed society participates in local life and in local undertaking picked up by authorities. This is important, especially in the rural gminas located in metropolitan areas which must achieve the competitive edge above other gminas. The paper shows that that the information constituting the indispensable element of social and economic processes becomes more and more universal and serves publicizing and nationalizing decision-making processes.
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