Few healthcare providers in Poland focus solely on medical tourism: interview

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Published by PMRBiweekly News Review
A prime source of market intelligence for pharma professionals www.pmrpublications.com
Central Europe Pharma News
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Published by PMR
Issue No. 21 (106) – Wednesday, 16 October 2013Biweekly News Review
A prime source of market intelligence for pharma professionals www.ceepharma.com
PMR is a market research and consulting company active within over 25 countries of Central and Eastern Europe.
Since 1995 we have assisted more than 500 global corporations and many other regional companies to continuously
increase their market share, successfully enter new territories and optimise costs. We specialise in construction, retail,
pharmaceuticals, healthcare, IT and telecommunications. However, our experience extends to many other industries.
Our 100 in-house professionals fluently speak together more than 15 languages. In addition to our tailored research
and business consulting projects we also publish annually almost 100 ready sector reports and information services.
Central Europe Pharma News
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Market news
Bulgarian NHIF reports 3.9% increase in
drug reimbursement in H1 2013
Company news
Sopharma’s Jan-Sep sales down 1%
R&D/medical ne...
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