Development of monolithic active pixel detector in SOI technology

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A novel solution of an active pixel detector, which exploits wafer-bonded Silicon on Insulator (SOI) substrates for integration of the readout electronics with the pixel detector, is presented. The main concepts of the proposed monolithic sensor and the preliminary tests results with ionising radiation sources are addressed.SOI is an alternative solution of a monolithic active pixel detector, which allows integrating fully depleted sensor and front-end electronics active layers into one silicon wafer. The main idea of the sensor relies on the use of both the monolithic silicon layers (device and support layers) of the SOI substrate for fabrication of pixel detector diodes and readout electronics.Such detectors can find a wide range of applications, not only in particle physics but also in medicine, space science and many other disciplines.The sensor structure and the readout configuration have been developed and the measurements of a dedicated test structure have validated the new technology of the SOI detector. Then small SOI sensor matrices with 8×8 channels have been recently produced and tested.
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