Nadzór na jednolitym rynku finansowym Unii Europejskiej – próba reformy

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European financial market is a part of the EU single internal market. Significant acceleration
of integration processes on this market took place in 1999 together with the creation of the Financial
Services Action Plan. However, deepening market integration was not accompanied by the construction
of single supervisory structures. The European financial market supervision remained at the national
level. The main reason for the adoption of such a solution was political – the EU countries did
not want to loss control in the field of monitoring and supervision of a key segment of the economy.
The discrepancy between the progress of the European financial market integration and its supervisory
structures integration proved particularly problematic during the global financial crisis, which
began in2008. The main aim of the article is to present and analyze the framework of the supervision
on the EU financial market before the outbreak of the crisis and the reforms which were adopted
with regard to the supervision afterwards.
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